Netflix Unveils New Variety Entertainment ‘Zombie Bus’ Premiering on August 8, 2023!

Hello, everyone! Today, I’d like to introduce Netflix’s upcoming variety entertainment program, ‘Zombie Bus,’ set to premiere on August 8, 2023. With an exciting lineup of cast and a production team promising a realistic and immersive experience, this show has already captured the attention of many viewers.

Suspense and Horror Collide in ‘Zombie Bus’ Teaser Trailers

‘Zombie Bus’ takes place in Seoul, where one day, an inexplicable outbreak of zombies occurs, and the cast members must perform missions to survive. Their ultimate goal is to reach Wulmido and board an evacuation ship safely, all while navigating through hordes of approaching zombies. It’s crucial that none of them get infected and turn into zombies themselves, making the show a thrilling survival quest.

Park Jin-kyung CP Joins the Stellar Production Team for ‘Zombie Bus’

The program is directed by Park Jin-kyung, the responsible PD of ‘My Little Television,’ and Moon Sang-don, the PD of ‘Welcome! First Time in Korea?’. Additionally, the show benefits from the artistic team of Netflix series ‘School 2022’ and the zombie action choreographers from ‘Kingdom,’ ensuring a truly immersive and realistic filming experience.

The star-studded cast includes actors Lee Si-young, entertainer No Hong-chul, and TV personality Park Na-rae, alongside singers Dean, Tsuki, former baseball player Yoo Hee-gwan, Jonathan, Patricia, Hong Sung-woo, and Dex. Together, they embark on a survival quest amidst a sudden outbreak of patients turning into zombies in the busy streets of Seoul.

Get Ready for an Unforgettable Zombie Experience in ‘Zombie Bus’!

The teaser trailers exude an eerie and suspenseful atmosphere, with Netflix’s ‘School 2022’ artistic team and ‘Kingdom’ action choreographers crafting chilling visuals of zombies that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

With Park Jin-kyung CP from ‘My Little Television’ and a stellar production team on board, the show promises to offer a unique and grand scale that will present fresh and unforgettable zombie experiences, setting it apart from existing variety programs.

Look forward to this exciting show, ‘Zombie Bus,’ premiering exclusively on Netflix on August 8th! Your viewership and support are highly appreciated.

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