NCT DREAM Releases New Album ‘ISTJ’ Showcasing Musical Growth and Diversity


NCT DREAM, a 7-member boy group under SM Entertainment, brought joy to their fans with the release of their highly anticipated 3rd full album, ‘ISTJ’, on July 17, 2023. Coming 1 year and 2 months after their previous album, ‘BEATBOX’, this album represents the group’s musical growth and maturity. With a diverse range of tracks including the title song ‘ISTJ’ and other exciting numbers like ‘Broken Melodies,’ ‘Yogurt Shake,’ and ‘Skateboard,’ NCT DREAM continues to captivate listeners with their evolving sound.

A Journey of Growth:

Since their debut in August 2016, NCT DREAM has consistently charmed audiences with their youthful and energetic performances. However, as the members transition into adulthood, they felt the need to showcase their personal and artistic growth through their music and music videos. ‘ISTJ’ is a testament to their creative exploration, featuring a hybrid hip-hop dance track with lyrics that deviate from the standardized framework of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), offering a unique interpretation of the ISTJ personality type.

NCT Dream 멤버

Diverse Musical Palette:

With ‘ISTJ,’ NCT DREAM proves their versatility as artists by experimenting with a variety of genres. From the infectious energy of ‘Skateboard’ to the soothing vibes of ‘Blue Wave’ and the heartfelt ballad ‘Like We Just Met,’ the album takes listeners on a musical journey filled with surprises. The members actively participated in the songwriting process, infusing their personal experiences and emotions into the lyrics.

Continued Success and Achievements:

NCT DREAM’s previous releases, including their 2nd full album, repackage album, and winter special album, amassed a remarkable sales record of over 5.61 million copies. The high anticipation for their 3rd album was evident, as pre-orders alone reached an astounding 4.2 million copies, setting a new sales record even before its official release.

A Message of Gratitude and Dedication:

Expressing their gratitude for the overwhelming support, NCT DREAM members emphasized that their success is not solely measured by chart rankings but by the love they receive from their fans. Their goal as idols extends beyond achieving top positions; they aim to provide inspiration and healing to their audience through their music. Despite the challenges that come with reaching the 7-year mark in the industry, NCT DREAM remains dedicated and determined to keep their passion burning brightly.

Global Aspirations:

NCT DREAM’s ambition knows no boundaries, as they hope to expand their reach globally. They aspire to introduce their music and performances to a wider audience, aiming to make a mark on renowned charts such as Billboard. With their unique blend of talent, captivating performances, and infectious energy, NCT DREAM is poised to leave an indelible impression on the global music scene.


NCT DREAM’s 3rd full album ‘ISTJ’ showcases the group’s evolution and musical growth. With a diverse selection of tracks that transcend genres, the album presents a refreshing and mature side of the members. NCT DREAM’s continued success, dedication to their fans, and global aspirations solidify their position as one of the leading forces in the K-pop industry. As they embark on this exciting chapter of their career, fans can expect NCT DREAM to shine even brighter in the years to come.

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