Disputes Surrounding K-pop Girl Group ‘Fifty Fifty’: A Summary & Korean fans’ response

I will summarize the disputes and issues surrounding the South Korean girl group ‘Fifty Fifty.’ It is known that Fifty Fifty is the K-pop girl group that entered the U.S. Billboard chart the fastest. However, recently, it has been reported that their activities and schedule have been hindered due to disputes surrounding them.

summary of the event

  • Fifty Fifty has experienced conflicts between their agency, Attract, the music production company The Givers, Warner Music Korea, and among the members themselves.
  • Attract claims that external forces are attempting to approach the artists and violate their contracts. They have filed a lawsuit against The Givers and its CEO, An Sung-il, alleging business embezzlement. They also claim that Warner Music Korea is unilaterally proceeding with contract termination.
  • On the other hand, The Givers state that they received a label deal proposal from Warner Music Korea and discussed it with Attract. They argue that the proposal aims to provide financial support and infrastructure to ensure smooth operations. They have announced their intention to take legal action against Attract for spreading false information and damaging their reputation.
  • The members of Fifty Fifty have submitted an application for an injunction to suspend the effectiveness of their exclusive contract with Attract, citing opaque accounting practices, violation of health management, and lack of support. It is reported that both sides are presenting their arguments in court and engaged in a dispute.
  • Furthermore, it has been mentioned that applications for trademark rights have been filed under the names of the members and the Korean group name, suspected to be done by their families.

Korean fans’ response

  • You have become the enemy of the nation, the first-ever betrayer to pull off such a feat. Now, it’s over for you.
  • Blinded by money, you chose the path of betrayal, forgetting the benefactor who made you who you are. You are the ultimate betrayer, the top betraying idol.
  • I am a fan who loves idols but I supported the CEO of the entertainment company who made you into something amazing…
  • Just a week ago, I sincerely wished for your success… But now, I hope you experience the harshness of the world.
  • Your songs are mediocre, gaining attention by chance on TikTok, and you’ve betrayed this stroke of luck by throwing it away like trash.
  • Being a “배신돌”(betraying idol) and teaming up with a producer just 200 days into your debut is unprecedented in K-pop history.
  • Did you think the fans would tolerate the fraudulent producer and the betraying idols tarnishing the essence of K-pop?

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